Pacelli Catholic Schools

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How does the Program work?

PCS purchases gift cards from a national supplier and local businesses at discounts ranging anywhere from 2 - 50%. The gift cards are then sold to parents, friends of the school system, and parishioners at face value. The difference between the discounted price and the face value is the "profit" that is realized upon the sale of these cards. For example, PCS purchases one $100 gift card at a 5% discount. PCS pays $95.00 for it and sells it to you, the customer, for $100, which you can, in turn, spend on $100 of merchandise. A $5.00 "profit" has been made.

This "profit" on each sale is then used to help defer the high costs of educating your child. First, 100% of the profit you earn is applied to your Family Fee obligation (normally $400). Then "profit" you earn beyond your Family Fee is split 50-50 between you and PCS, with your 50% being applied as a credit to your tuition obligation, and the other 50% going to support the PCS System. Some families recruit relatives, friends, and parishioners to "partner" with them to purchase PCS gift cards and reduce significantly, in some cases to zero, their tuition bill!